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Paragon Global is a team of facilitators, executive coaches and consultants with a proven ability to create pathways to organizational success with effective team building and leadership strategies.

Our team assists companies in a broad range of industries including financial services, healthcare, law and media.

We work with all levels of an organization to develop and implement custom solutions designed to improve productivity, effectiveness, customer service, and communication.

We work with both individuals and teams over a minimum of three months to ensure success.

Your success is our success! At Paragon Global we know that strong organizational cultures benefit everyone – from the entry level employee to the Chief Executive Officer.

Improved communication, inspirational leaders, and effective teams mean an increase in productivity, customer satisfaction, and most importantly, your bottom line.



It is rare for me to recommend a speaker. Adam Vane did a phenomenal job with my tough Manhattan group of CEOs. His workshop on Heroic Conversations resulted in one member having an epiphany and a breakthrough. Adam teaches negotiation to world leaders at the United Nations and provides a model that every person can use in the tough conversations that CEOs have or should have on a regular basis. - Mark Taylor, Vistage Chair, Manhattan

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