Mission and Values

Our Mission

Paragon Global Consulting, LLC is a firm dedicated to helping executive teams turn people problems into business opportunities. We have achieved tangible results in over 100 organizations, including numerous Fortune 500 and family-owned businesses. With expertise quoted in both Bloomberg and Tribune media, we help C-suite and emerging leaders improve their performance, and executive teams cut through communication roadblocks to see their strategy realized more quickly. Contact results@paragonglobal.com or 212-932-8211.

Our Values

Values form the solid foundation of any company. At Paragon Global, we believe that our company values matter to our team and to our clients. We use them as a guide in all our decision-making. Our 7 key values are:

  • Responsiveness: a sensitivity to clients’ needs and to the realities that drive them
  • Confidentiality: an understanding of the private nature of the relationship
  • Partnership: a collaborative approach to develop the expertise to build strategic external alliances and cohesive internal relationships that lead to measurable outcomes
  • Courage: a willingness to step with our clients into the unknown. This is the place where authentic conversations begin and old patterns are broken; where we begin the quest for what works
  • Realization: a dedication to moving clients beyond intellectual understanding to a new way of interacting with their business and personal realities. Realization provides a greater opening for action and becomes a catalyst for transformative and permanent change
  • Support: a commitment to advising and coaching our clients through the process of identifying and achieving their goals
  • Balance: an understanding that hard and serious work includes a little levity, grace, and perspective