Customized Training Programs

Paragon Global Consulting provides customized training programs in a range of topics to fit your needs. Programs include a variety of training methods including hands-on exercises, case studies, presentations and discussions. Click on a program below to learn more.


Strategic Planning

Working Toward an Envisioned Future

How often are long term strategies painstakingly created by upper management only to be met with little understanding or buy-in in throughout the rest of the organization? Effective strategies have their highest impact when designed and implemented by the teams and managers who face daily issues and challenges together. This program is designed to implement planning at all levels within the organization, including levels where representatives interact with clients and customers.

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Performance Management

Learn how to give candid and constructive feedback

Few leaders enjoy having to manage performance issues. Most genuinely fear the possibility of defensive reactions or silent resentment, and yet, performance feedback is one of the most important skills a leader can develop. Delivered well, it can be a catalyst to improving performance and getting individuals back on track. Delivered poorly, it can have a deteriorating impact on a person’s willingness and ability to produce results. This workshop is designed for leaders who wish to minimize the stress while maximizing the effectiveness associated with performance feedback. Participants will leave with a new confidence and practical knowledge for managing the performance of their team.

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The Road to Rainmaker

Create new and enhance existing business and personal relationships

This program, available in a series of half day meetings, addresses the needs of professionals who seek to build new connections and enhance existing business and personal relationships. The knowledge and skills acquired during this highly interactive session will help you and your team increase your personal visibility, broaden your sphere of influence, and leverage the long-term business development strategies that will garner significant returns on both a personal and professional level.

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The Artful Facilitator

Learn how to prepare for and facilitate effective meetings

In this highly-interactive session, participants will learn and practice the skills of facilitating dynamic, interactive discussions focused on producing impactful results. This seminar is ideal for business managers, financial services executives, attorneys, doctors or anyone who wishes to implement a strategy session, lead a project team, enable collaborative learning or work through team issues.

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The Presentation Skills Workshop

Gain the specific skills and techniques necessary to speak with impact and deliver with confidence

When giving a presentation, subject knowledge isn’t enough – how you deliver is critical. This experiential workshop focuses on the critical elements of effective, engaging presentations.

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Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Improve your ability to solve complex problems

In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, one can experience a barrage of telephone and in-person requests from. Problems range from fielding treatment requests to correcting billing errors. Someone may need a lifesaving medical procedure or simply have additional questions about symptoms. Given the various levels of need, it is important to be able to solve problems and make good decisions quickly and effectively in order to protect the physical, emotional, and financial interests of all stakeholders.

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Coaching Skills for Leaders

Motivating your team from the inside-out

Managers who use coaching skills produce better results. Companies that have fostered a coaching culture report significantly reduced staff turnover, increased productivity, greater happiness and satisfaction at work. This experiential program teaches fundamental coaching and communication skills as a means for eliciting powerful conversations for action and learning.

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Management Skills for Emerging Leaders

Learn how to make the transition to a leadership role

There is often an expectation in organizations that promotion to manager or partner means one is ready to lead effectively. Unfortunately, the management skills necessary to excel in this role are not always part of the behavioral or educational background that led to the promotion. This workshop is designed for current, prospective, and new managers who want to cultivate and/or sharpen their skills, as well as experienced leaders who never had the opportunity to undergo formal training.

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Heroic Conversations

Learn to negotiate solutions that strengthen rather than compromise your relationships

There are times, in our interactions with customers and colleagues, when issues arise that are difficult to manage. We can accommodate in an effort to be “diplomatic” or avoid the topic altogether, but over time, negative feelings such as guilt, anger, and hurt can build up and escalate. How can we break this cycle and develop the skills to communicate more effectively? How do we communicate what is difficult to express, yet which needs to be said in order to produce results?

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Women’s Leadership Summit

Firm Performance through Talent Sponsorship

Research shows that firms with higher percentages of female top executives hold a significant performance advantage over their predominately male-led counterparts. What prevents firms from profiting from women’s leadership is not a lack of appreciation of gender equity or fewer female affinity groups, but rather a lack of understanding on how to sponsor and develop women leaders.

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Managing Organizational Change

Learn strategies for coping with the constant changes that are sweeping through organizations in today’s fast paced world

Change can be likened to a journey It can be paved with growth, excitement, possibility and success or littered with stress, strong emotions, obstacles, and delays.. This program focuses on the concepts and skills necessary for making change work for you and your staff. It examines the four different stages of change, identifies an individual’s four modes of response, and teaches the skills and coping strategies leaders and followers need for managing change in organizational environments.

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Maximizing Your Influence as a Leader

Gaining Consensus and Leveraging Power

Do you need to achieve results through others who don’t report to you? This is becoming the norm in most organizations where flatter structures and generational differences can result in unanswered calls or short emails with no action taken. Positional “power,” may not be enough to persuade people to take action on your priorities. Truly effective managers, directors and individual contributors use influence skills to achieve results, regardless of their positional power. This course is designed for those who want to cultivate and/or sharpen their skills in this area.

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Managing the Front Line

Discover ways to increase front-line commitment and effectiveness

A workshop to help customer facing staff improve skills in areas of dispute resolution, stress management, and effective communication with customers, families, colleagues and managers. This workshop will seek to develop the standards associated with service excellence, including respect, effective communication, courtesy, sensitivity and professionalism. The workshop will illustrate how these standards, when used in day-to-day interactions with co-workers and customers can foster a safer, less stressful, and more positive work environment.

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The Career Planning Program

Helping Your Employees Manage the Next Step

This program prepares people with the tools and skills necessary to organize and facilitate a successful job search both internally and externally. Those who participate in the program report being energized and motivated, while developing a forward thinking approach to finding employment.

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