Meeting & Retreat Facilitation

Why Seek an External Facilitator for Meetings or Retreats?

Meetings are a routine part of many organizations. They are often planned and facilitated internally. There are, however, many circumstances where internal facilitation isn’t practical. When meetings are sensitive in nature, or address key issues, all attendees must be fully engaged in the conversation. This cannot happen effectively when some attendees need to facilitate the meeting at the same time. Advantages of external facilitators are:

  • It permits individuals who may otherwise be organizers, to fully participate in the meeting.
  • External facilitators are viewed as neutral, which can be very helpful if there are differences of opinion.
  • The organization benefits from the external facilitator’s expertise.

What are the Keys to a Productive Meeting or Retreat?

Productive meetings have:

  • A carefully planned out agenda which allows for all pertinent topics to be addressed.
  • Active participation from every attendee.
  • Pre-set goals that can be met in the allocated time.
  • Clear follow-up steps and takeaways.

What does an External Facilitator do?

External facilitators can take care of a number of tasks before, during, and after a meeting or retreat including:

  • Pre and post meeting preparation and follow up activities including discussions with meeting planners to learn about goals and expected outcomes.
  • Building a realistic and practical agenda.
  • Keeping attendees focused and on schedule.
  • Maintaining objectivity by ensuring that all attendees have the opportunity to express their viewpoint and keeping conflicts productive.
  • Summarizing key conversation points for clarity.
  • Assisting with follow-through and post-meeting reports.

The goal of any meeting is to have a productive and successful outcome. An eternal facilitator can create the optimum conditions for success during any meeting or retreat. Let’s have a discussion about your organization’s next meeting.

We recognize that meeting topics are confidential in nature. Discretion is guaranteed.