Strategic Planning

Why Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning allows an organization to evaluate their vision and goals, and commit members from every level within the organization to achieving those goals. With a strategic plan in place an organization is able to:

  • Develop a course and direction for the organization in a coordinated and systematic manner.
  • Help members from every level work together towards a successful future.
  • Implement planning with front line team members who work directly with customers.

When is the Best Time to Strategically Plan?

Strategic planning is most effective when:

  • Vision and goals are not in sync throughout the organization.
  • The organization is considering expansion.
  • External factors have occurred that could have a significant influence on the organization.

How Can a Strategic Plan Have the Most Impact?

For a strategic plan to be effective it requires a:

  • Situational Analysis – environmental scan, historical background and SWOT.
  • Baseline Assessment – organizational profile, critical issues, and gap analysis.
  • Guiding Elements – mission, vision, values, goals and objectives.
  • Action Planning – strategic initiatives, action plans, and performance measurement.
  • Progress Evaluation – performance management and balanced scorecard.

Strategic plans define the best course of action to capitalize on future opportunities and mitigate threats. It is vital that the entire organization be on board with the plan for it to have a significant impact.

What Does a Strategic Planning Facilitator Do?

  • Thoroughly analyze the organization and create a custom planning process that is tailored to organization’s needs.
  • Build trust and understanding interdepartmentally in order to ensure that the entire organization is on board.
  • Keep a big picture focus while working on the details.
  • Create an implementation plan that will enable the organization to build and maintain a strategic focus.
  • Play the role of strategic partner while facilitating the process.

Get started on your strategic plan and see how your organization can grow. Contact us to discuss your vision.