Team Building

Why Build High Performing Teams?

Teams play an important role in organizational success. High-performing teams can collaboratively work towards achieving organizational goals. Unfortunately, mismanaged teams can slow or even halt performance. Effective teams have:

  • Commitment from team members to achieve an established purpose.
  • Clearly defined, ambitious goals and an understanding of what is required to reach those goals.
  • A comfortable atmosphere where team members are receptive to ideas from all members.
  • A constructive manner for handling disagreements.
  • Roles that are clearly defined.
  • Individuals who carry their own weight.

When do you Need a Team Building Workshop?

Team building workshops become necessary when there is:

  • A new team that wants to reach a high-performance level.
  • New members who have joined the team.
  • A team that is struggling with interpersonal or performance-related issues.
  • An existing team that wants to improve their productivity.


What Happens at a Team Building Workshop?

Team Building programs are customized to each organization. Pre-assessment surveys help to determine the needs of each client. Generally workshops will include:

  • Identification of personal communication styles in order to communicate in the best possible manner with each team member.
  • Active Listening techniques to effectively communicate in a variety of situations.
  • Methods to shift from a defensive to collaborative approach for problem solving.
  • Proven methods for stress reduction.
  • Learning creative methods for handling problems while still maintaining sensitivity and respect.

What does a Team Building Facilitator and Coach Do?

  • Create an environment of trust and respect so that each team member feels that they can communicate openly.
  • Listen carefully to all that is being communicated, both verbally and non-verbally.
  • Set clear expectations and establish methods for achieving those expectations.
  • Set up role plays, games, and modeling scenarios to allow for hands-on experiences.

Contact us if your team is ready to work towards a higher level of performance. Each team has different personalities and experiences. Let’s have a conversation to determine how we can customize our program for you.